Let me see you do the Yoga

Aproveitando o mood de sexta-feira deixo essa música incrível da Janelle Monáe para animar vocês!

let you booty do the yoga!
flexing like a yogi
drop it down with your hands up
do a handstand, bend it back
put your legs up
i ain’t got no worries, i’m my own private dancer
my own private dancer
i wanna dance, dance, dance all night
baby bend over
let me see you do that yoga
flex it (yoga)
crown on my head but the world on my shoulder
i’m too much a rebel, never do what I’m supposed to
bend it never break it, baby watch and i’ma show ya
stretching on my cash, got my money doing yoga
sometimes i’m peachy, and sometimes i’m vulgar
even when i’m sleeping i got one eye open
you cannot police me, so get off my areola


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