Happy Birthday Rihanna!

Atualmente ela é a única cantora que faz o papel que a Britney fazia no começo dos anos 2000. Música sexy, estilo provocante, muita polêmica, letras maravilhosas e essas coisas que são bem a cara do antigo pop (e a minha!).

Aí vai o meu top 10 de músicas favoritas da Rihanna.


too cold for you to keep her
too hot for you to leave her
you need to be bad enough to take me home

9º – IF IT’S LOVIN’ THAT U WANT – part 2

cause, everything that you need, i got it right here baby…
everything you’ve ever wanted baby
your fantasy!


i’m a hot ride
i’m gonna make you beg for it
then imma make you swallow your pride
want u to make me feel like i’m the only girl in the world


not everybody knows how to work my body
knows how to make me want it
baby i’m a challenge, lets explore ur talent
hey boy, i really wanna see if
u can go downtown with a girl like me

6º – SKIN

don’t want it to clash when my body screamin’ out now
no teasin’, you waited long enough, go deep
imma throw it at cha, can’t catch it?
no heels, no shirt, no skirt, all i’m in is just skin


set your standards lower boy
you’re aiming too high
matter of fact your friend looks better so, good bye
men be falling like the rain
so we aint running out
ladies dont worry cause i got plenty more

4º – S&M ft. britney spears

feels so good being bad
now the pain is my pleasure, cause nothing could measure
cause i may be bad, but i’m perfectly good at it
sex in the air, i don’t care, i love the smell of it
sticks and stones may break my bones
but chains and whips excite me
just one night full of sin

3º – HARD

they can say whatever, i’ma do whatever
i’ma rock this shit like fashion
and my runway never looked so clear
but the hottest bitch in heels right here
and while u getting ur cry on, i’m getting my fly on
i see you aiming at my pedestal
know you wanna clone it
meet me at the top
gettin lonely?
where dem girls talking trash?
where dem bloggers at?
where your lighters at?
where they at, where they at, where they at?


come here rude boy, boy
can you get it up?
come here rude boy, boy
is you big enough?


suck my cockiness
lick my persuasion
eat my poison
and swallow your pride down, down

BÔNUS – ALL OFF THE LIGHTS ft. kanye west

all of the lights
cop lights, flash lights, spot lights
strobe lights, street lights
all of the lights, all of the lights